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How To Handle Common Dental Emergencies

Proactive Steps to Take in a Crisis

Unsure what you should do when dealing with a dental emergency? It’s easy to start panicking as you begin to contemplate your next steps; however, this mindset will only cause you to potentially do more harm than good to your oral cavity. So, what can you do? At Mios Dental, your emergency dentist in Carrollton, TX, Dr. Le and his team can offer helpful tips and tricks for you to use while at home and waiting to get in for an appointment. Knowing how to handle common dental emergencies in Carrollton, TX will only serve to benefit you when preparing to seek professional help. To find out what tips you should follow when dealing with particular scenarios, contact our dental office today!

A young woman wearing glasses and holding her cheek in pain while seeing an emergency dentist in Carrollton, TX

Something Stuck Between Your Teeth

A young woman with blonde hair and pink nails flossing her teeth to remove a lodged object

If an object is stuck between your teeth, make sure to use dental floss to dislodge it. This should help to minimize any pain you might be experiencing. However, if the problem is not a lodged object but instead, pain that is radiating deep inside your tooth, it could be that there is a serious infection developing that will require root canal therapy or tooth extraction to address.

Extruded Tooth

A young male wearing a gray long-sleeved shirt and holding his jaw in immense pain

Any time a tooth is partially or fully knocked out, time is of the essence. You will need to get to our dental office as quickly as possible in order for us to try and save the tooth. If you have an extruded tooth (partially knocked out), avoid chewing on that side of your mouth and use a cold compress to reduce any swelling. Make sure to contact our dental office to alert us to the situation so that we can get you in quickly for personalized treatment.


An individual’s exposed top gums that show a pocket of pus signaling an abscess

If a tooth is infected deep within the innermost layer, it is possible that an abscess has developed and will require immediate treatment. An infection of this sort cannot be put off. While waiting at home to get in for an appointment, don’t hesitate to rinse out your mouth with saltwater multiple times each day. This will help to keep the area clean, which is especially important when dealing with an infection.

You might also try taking an over-the-counter pain reliever to reduce discomfort and a cold compress to minimize swelling.

Soft Tissue Injury

An older man holding a handkerchief up to his bleeding lip

You might be surprised to learn that a busted lip, scratched gums, or bitten tongue can produce a lot of blood. These soft tissue injuries, however, are usually quick to heal. If the bleeding does not cease, you will need to get to a local emergency room quickly, but in the majority of cases, an ice pack and damp cloth can be used to stop the bleeding and reduce swelling.

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